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Service Animals and Your Community  # 

9626221  1 Cam Hr. 


Despite restrictions or even strict bans on pets being kept on property within the association’s governing documents, board members are often approached by a resident requesting to have a service animal reside within their community. This controversial topic has created many concerns for both property managers and board members alike. This course explains the basics of the Fair Housing Act, how this act impacts no-pet communities and provides different approaches boards and managers can take while handling support animal requests in a manner that will protect the association from a potential discrimination claim. 


Residential Tenant Landlord Act  #9626088 2 Cam Hrs.


This course reviews the “Residential Tenant Landlord Act”, defines key terms that are important to understanding the act and reviews the different phases of the eviction process—from the “notice phase” to the “complaint phase” and everything in-between.  


Bankruptcy & Community Association Law  #9626624  1 Cam Hr.


This course explores how bankruptcy impacts Community Association Law and how to protect and preserve a creditors’ right in a bankruptcy proceeding.  Also learn about creditor’s rights, “straight” and “liquidation” bankruptcy, and the benefits of having a bankruptcy attorney on your side. 

Enforcing Your Condo & HOA Governing Docs  #9626626 2 Cam Hrs.


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The 40 Year Recertification of Buildings  #9626901 1 Cam Hr.


This course reviews the history and basics of the 40 Year & Older Building Safety Program, now in effect in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Explore the importance and benefits of the program, and learn how to prepare for and schedule your recertification. 


Community Association Elections & Annual Meetings  #9626979 1 Cam Hr.


When it comes to elections and annual meetings, a lot of questions come to mind. Designed to serve as a guide for community association managers and board members, this course covers the procedures that should be followed when conducting elections and annual meetings in a community association. Discover the ins and outs of different types of meetings, notice requirements, running eligibility and ballot preparation amongst other topics.




Tools to Get Paid on Construction Projects #0608790 1.5 Hrs. CLIB


Handling construction payment disputes in Florida can be a grueling process, but armed with the necessary knowledge, the most complex of situations can be overcome. This course is designed to give participants an overview of Florida’s Construction Lien Law.


Education Series
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